Coordinating Care

 See How Our Executive Director                 Chris Taylor And His Brother Mitch Taylor Recovered.

Have you tried counseling with doctors and therapists who tell you how to recover yet cannot relate to your personal struggle? We have been where you are and have a unique understanding of the anguish that is the result of addiction. Our mentoring style works because we did not gain knowledge in a classroom or from a book. We have personally lived the hell that you are experiencing and we know what doesn't work because we tried everything in our own struggles. We know exactly how difficult it is, but we also know how easy it can be when done the right way. We are ready to lead and guide you to meaningful and long lasting sobriety. 

We are currently experiencing a drug epidemic in the Gila Valley and many citizens are in denial about the scope of our problem.  We have developed a 3 part guide that we must implement in order to reach in order to see any improvement in the current situation.

Do you know that you need help but just don't know where to turn? No problem, come see us and we will coordinate treatment for you. We have a network of treatment centers that will accommodate you. Whether it is long-term or short-term inpatient treatment, sober living/halfway house or just detox we will guide you each step of the way. We can also help you access other social services.

​​Addiction Awareness/Education