"Anyone looking for help with addiction, Chris Taylor [at Desert Eagle Addiction Recovery] is the man with the answers.  I had no idea how to get my brother help with his addiction.  Thank you Chris for helping."

                   Deborah Perry   



The purpose of the organization is to meet the addiction recovery needs in the Gila Valley. We are all aware of the mighty struggles we face as a community when it comes to the horrible scourge of drug addiction. Currently there is little to no support at all in terms of treatment options in the area. For decades we as a community have incarcerated and or exported our addicted citizens, most of the time being non-violent youth and young adults who have fallen victim to the dangerous and ugly disease of drug addiction. Time and time again we have watched as those individuals we force into treatment outside of our valley return with a new outlook on life, a renewed commitment to a better and brighter existence, only to face the harsh reality that their community has zero transitional programs that would increase their chances of success exponentially. Try as they might more often than not the addict relapses and is again reprimanded and further incarcerated or made to leave their hometown again, sent to the scary streets of Tucson or Phoenix in order to seek some type of help.
Undoubtedly this is the vicious cycle that is the reality to hundreds if not thousands of our citizens in the Gila Valley. We have been quick to arrest and export our drug addicts and are surprised when they commit the same offenses over and over again, all the while offering no help or options. This must and will stop. Our aim is to open a series of Addiction Recovery Homes or Sober Living Homes that are transitional houses sometimes referred to in the industry as halfway houses.  The purpose of such facilities is to allow recovering drug addicts to begin the process of reintegration with society while still providing monitoring and support; this is generally believed to reduce the risk of recidivism or relapse when compared to a release directly into society.
The state-placement of ex-criminal offenders/ substance abusers to a sober living community after a prison/jail sentence may either be decided upon as part of the judge's sentence or by a prison official's recommendation. In addition, a direct sentence to a halfway house or sober living community may be decided upon by a judge or prosecutor in lieu of prison time, Still it is important to remember that transitional recovery arrangements are many times voluntary residence arrangements and many residents may have no criminal record whatsoever. We are here to help the countless loving families that will do anything and everything necessary to help their loved one achieve sobriety and it is our firm belief that the Addiction Recovery Industry at large engages in unethical practices while charging unjustifiable prices, preying on human beings and their families who are in the midst of their most vulnerable and hopeless period of their lives. 

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"Thank you Chris for helping my Son through his darkness there is a light at the end of the tunnel and he is going through it and sees the light thanks to your help.  You are truly amazing and are at your calling, God Bless"

Margaret Logan


"My son has an addiction to Xanex, originally prescribed to him by a doctor. It is another doctor prescribed drug that can lead to a life of pure hell. We sought help everywhere - a detox center in Globe, another one in Benson - neither had a program for my son's problem. Finally, we were recommended to Chris. Thru his help and intervention, my son is now in a facility in Tucson, getting the care he needs. When he completes the treatment and is released, we have a rehab facility lined up to help my son receive the training he needs to rejoin the human race and be a productive and happy citizen! We are so grateful to Chris - he took all our calls - day, night, weekends, he always got back to us to solve problems and help find the situation that worked for my son. He gave us numbers to call, people to ask for and always said, "Let me know if you have a problem and I'll see what I can do." He's as good as his word! We finally see a light at the end of this long, miserable tunnel!"

                                                                 L. Martinez​​

"Chris, you are an amazing man and was a very big help when I needed it, Thank You."

              Laura Alvarado Parker

"A huge thank you to Chris Taylor of Desert Eagle Addiction Recovery for helping us with a small group here in South Africa.  He wakes up in the wee hours to join by phone and has given an immeasurable service.  We are eternally grateful to fight the new war with him"

​                 Nona Herrington